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3D Ergo Human Models project
This project is about as dead as the 8-track tape player. I'm going ahead and listing it here in the hope that I'll have the time in the future to complete what I have been working on the side to develop: a freely-available collection of 3D Ergo models for artists and designers alike. I have some good data for the project and some models to start with. I began model work about a month ago in Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop 3. Eventually this will become a separate site devoted to the publishing of ergonomically correct models for human factors studies and such. If you feel you'd like to contribute to the project, please email me and let me know. I plan on creating the original models in Mechanical Desktop as 3D parametric solids and exporting them as meshes to animation/modelling platforms from there. The 3D solids are needed for weight studies. The models will include the following attributes:
  • Range of motion data
  • Normal and peripheral vision envelopes
  • 50%, 95%, and 100% male and female models
  • Child and infant model in the future
  • Reference information for federal ergonomic standards
My only request is that, if the models are used in commercial projects, recognition is given for the source of the models.