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Commercial Rendering Farm Information
Well I'm happy to announce that my rendering farm list is still growing. I've had to make it a separate page from this one for simplicity sake. You can check out the rendering farm registry below:

Unofficial 3D's Rendering Farm Registry

The following companies also offer Render Farm services and are pending full addition as their data comes in.
M.A.G. Productions
Swales (300 CPU's!!!)
ATEC Digital Arts
Digital Systems
Kaleidoscope Animations
NBS Studio
Pyros Pictures
The Rosswood Group
The Fourth Dimension

The following are complete hardware Render Farm solutions :
Freehand RenderFarm (I wonder if they have a poster-size picture of that [g])
Studio Z - RenderRAX III
BOXX Technologies (makers of RenderBOXX)
RenderDrive (Not an actual renderfarm, but worth including)
RenderCube (home of the "Render Farm in a box")
SpeedRender (a complete rendering farm hardware solution)